About me

For the past six years i have been working at Character Matters Animation Studios in Cape Town, South Africa.

I head up the lighting, shading and rendering at the studio and i am also responsible for achieving the rendered look for our projects. At Character Matters this is a collaborative process alongside our art director, Ivan Greyling and our lead concept designer and matte painter, Lynton Levengood.

I have worked on over thirty commercials in my career so far and i was part of the team that created "The Lion of Judah", Africa's first 3d stereoscopic film for the world market.

The lighting system of the original 2d version of "The Lion of Judah" had to be revisited due to long render times, as we received an opportunity to redo the entire film for the 3d stereoscopic scene. I had to come up with something that looks the business, but renders a lot faster. We had 3 months to pull it off and succeeded.

"Hooked" is a animated short film which was written and directed by our lead animator , Friedl Jooste. Some interesting challenges came my way to create the feel in the lighting and effects of being underwater, but i loved every moment of it. Shaders also had to be created on a per object basis to get those surfaces behaving right ;) I did all the lighting,shading, rendering and 80% of the compositing on "Hooked".

I am passionate about my work and i enjoy the artistic challenge of creating beautiful imagery as well as the technical challenges of keeping the render times down, but still achieve maximum visual quality.

My wife Kathryn and i reside in Lakeside, Cape Town.